This year ‘Captured’! : 2016 Edition

And just like that, we have stepped into the 17th year of this 21st century! Well that would be a massive understatement, considering all the “stuff” that has gone down this year. Celebrities died, cities destroyed, Miss Universe wrongly announced (yes it was tragic enough to be included here), “presidents” chosen etc etc. And then there were medals (two) won at Olympics, a new Harry Potter book and film released (kind of) and Pokémons captured. So yes, this year has been far from boring.


All Hail Her Majesty! She turned 90 on April 21st



The US ‘Trump’ card rendered us all speechless



Zika virus trapped the USA



So long Rs 500 and Rs 1000! Mr Modi’s bold move and an invitation to the entire country to declare a fight against corruption.



The pumps and kicks at EURO Cup 2016



A failed military coup in Turkey



Brussels terror attack brought death and destruction.



Egyptian Flight 804 crashed to mark May 19th as a day of tragedy.



Deepa Karmakar, 23, brought pride to the Nation with her flawless gymnastics at the 2016 Olympics



P.V. Sindhu drew a ‘Silver’ lining across the Nation’s skies and citizens hearts.



Mr Ambani wanted us all to “JIO” with free internet and calling facility, and we gladly accepted!



Women fought for their rights yet again and won! Temples won’t be drawing a “Lakshman Rekha” to keep ’em away any longer.



ISRO kicked every other space agency’s behind to the curb with stellar achievements all year round



Mr Modi celebrated a Happy Friendship Year with a total of 17 Nations and a total of millions of hearts won!



Demonetization might have thrown us off balance for a while but we stood our ground, moving toward a cashless economy.



So there is Indian Kabbadi team for the win too! 38-29 against Iran…#respect!



And the National Game was nowhere lost when the Junior Men’s World Cup for Hockey was won by us!



Pokémons rose up, ruled, drove us insane, rendered most annoyed and yet will be fondly remembered.



PRISMA took over your Facebook wall. ENOUGH SAID *inserts Prisma*



So of course it’s been an year of massive happenings. This roller-coaster ride has finally come to an end and we are ready to take off on high gear with a brave new world.
So long 2016! You did well. But we sincerely hope that 2017 turns out to be kick-ass!

Happy New Year!

*goes back to playing Pokémon Go*


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