Do you want to wait till November 25, 2034 to catch this mesmerizing Earth- Moon Relationship?

Capture the best pics of super moon today with these tips

Some tips to capture the best pics are:

1. Don’t forget to capture the picture in raw mode and with camera on tripod.

2. Try to use some objects with super moon in frame like buildings, broom, iconic status, water area etc.

moon-dog-647528_1280_0      3 – Required equipment – Camera and Lens

  • A DSLR camera with a 200mm+ telephoto lens or a point and shoot camera that has an optical zoom capability.
  • A stable tripod.
  • Remote camera trigger (optional). If you do not have one, a timer in your camera will also work4 -If you want to enlarge the moon and show the details of the moon surface, a good telephoto lens longer than 200mm is almost required.


The longer the lens, the better.

5- Set your camera mode to full Manual Mode, so that the sky doesn’t appear dark and moon doesn’t get overexposure.
6- Set your ISO to 100 if you have a Canon DSLR and to 200 if you have a Nikon DSLR (basically, whatever base ISO you have in your camera). For most other brands, the base ISO is also 100. If you have a point and shoot camera, see if you can find a menu setting to set your ISO to 100. Make sure “Auto ISO” is turned Off.

7 -Set your aperture to f/11.

8- Set your shutter speed to 1/125 on cameras with base ISO 100, and to 1/250 on Nikon DSLRs with base ISO 200.


9 – Post-processing in Photoshop
No matter how good your image comes out of the camera, we still recommend doing some post-processing in Photoshop to enhance the look of your moon image. Take a look at this photo of the moon, straight out of the camera:
a) Image->Adjustment->Curves and selected “Medium Contrast” Preset from the drop-down menu and clicked “OK”.
b) Filter->Sharpen->Unsharp Mask and added 150% in “Amount” field, while keeping the “Radius” on 1.0 pixels and “Threshold” on 0 levels.


10- Why photograph the moon?
So, why would one want to photograph the moon? I was asked this question several times before and my answer is simple – because we only have one moon and it is beautiful, so why not?


Frame the Super moon with your camera and send us your pics If we like it, we will publish it on our page!!

Let your creativity explode today…..

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