Joy of Christmas Photography

Ho ho ho! Jingling bells can be heard nice and clear as we approach December 25th, the day of Christmas. It may not be very evident here but it still is a festival widely celebrated in the country which means there is another opportunity for us to use that creative eye and catch a joyous moment on film…or digitally…well you get the idea!

Here we have for you some amazing Christmas photographs to feed your inspiration and most importantly, feel the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!

Get your sleighs ready! Here we GO!


The snow man. Of course the snow man! And it’s stuffed and I believe, likes warm hugs (inevitable Frozen reference)


Santa Claus…because again….OF COURSE! That too Indain style, in BULK!



The warmth a little candle can bring, and the immense beauty it can project…



Christmas Balls! You gotta have some! No pun intended. Lets just call them ornaments…


Because its just what we all need every once in a while…lights!



A kid selling trees for “joy” of his own…



A Church lit up with lights of faith and joy.



And yet sometimes, its just an empty street, with a light or two, and a human or two.



And even so, its still the festival of joy!


Pixelwala wishes you the best of seasons greetings! Keep those spirits high, that creative eye awake and the smile to light up the world!
Merry Christmas!

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