Kidding : How to shoot Children’s portfolios

Hello hello! It’s been longer than a while since we shared, so here we are with an apology wrapped in cute and cuddly images that will definitely leave you with a bright and beautiful smile! Let’s talk about babies! No need to be scared or gear up to run for the hills! It’s just children’s portfolios. Here’s a guide to knowing what do we talk about when we talk about children’s portfolios.


Get set, go!



They are kids. Making them smile in front of a rusty old car or ruins will not work, obviously! When specifically focusing on portfolios, make sure to choose softer and lighter locations with bright lights and colours. Make it look like a party for the toddler!


Candid rules!
Whether its a kid or a cat or a anyone, taking a picture when they don’t know it will always give the best results. Kids may not understand the concept of camera consciousness, but they will get fussy if you try to make them sit or pose a certain way. Let them be!


Pose if you wanna
While the tiny tots are best shot candid, the ones slightly older can give you the best looks and poses that you might never even need to ask for. Just tell them where to stand, let them hold the reigns and it will be TO INFINITY, AND BEYOND!


Eyes on me…
Eye level shots bring in a sense of connectivity. Use them. Get down on your knees and shoot the kids’ pictures by literally standing neck to neck with them. It will make them feel more comfortable, playful and involved.


…or above me!
Eye level is cool, but you can always step out and discover higher or lower angles to make it look more spontaneous and adventurous. Remember, this is kids we are talking about. Every picture should be a song dedicated to their definition of fun!



Now there’s the simple understanding that backgrounds can only be chosen according to the look you desire. But try to keep it clean. Children themselves are a heaping pile of mess of activities and movements.  No other elements might be required.



Shiniest shoes
Of course you are going to dress the kid well. It is important! Although, try to ensure that in the process of changing clothes 10 times you don’t get the baby all bored and riled up. Geniuses know when to stop.


Burst mode
Because we have already established that kids’ activities don’t begin or end with one picture. Keep the cam rolling!



Invite the parents
Agreed that its the kid you want to work with the most, but do not forget! The kid will be most comfortable and cool with the people he is familiar with. Include mommy and daddy to put up that cute show that they want to decorate their coffee table with!


If you and the kid and family don’t have fun in this process of photography, you won’t be making any good portfolios. Let your hair down and let the kid pull it (figuratively)! Let the parents go crazy with their affection and let the child be the goofiest he can be! Remember, the family is in this for the experience. Give it to ’em!


So no matter how professional and experienced you are, remember to be ready for a whole new adventure with every new family. It’s definitely not child’s play, but it is definitely one fun date!
Let those creative juices take over and have the craziest experience ever!


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