Portraits of Perfection: Second Edition

Hello there! In one of the last blogs, “Portraits of Perfection“, we discussed about the various ways to click beautiful portraits. Turns out, one blog won’t be enough! So here we are with more photographs and tips n’ tricks to make portrait photography a more fun and technically enriching experience!
Camera ready? Let’s begin!

Be Bright Eyed
Eyes are the mirror to the soul…a clich√© one should not take for granted! The eyes of your subject will let you see the true beauty and honesty in the photograph. Make sure to be as creative and detailed with the eyes as you can.


Keep eye contact with your subject. If you want them to be comfortable enough to eye the camera lens with confidence, you have to get them to relax. Images with models looking straight up at the camera project attitude like none others.



Kill ’em with Confidence
This is for the both the photographer and the photographee (Wait. Is that even a word?). If you you know how to present yourself and your attitude or you know how to guide someone else’s confidence to the par, you can get the most kick-ass compositions and expressions in your captures.



Comfort is Key
Relax. You’ve gotta stay relaxed! And make sure your subject feels nice and comfy too. Because otherwise you would end up with tight, mechanical poses that won’t be appealing or interesting.



Get Chatty
This could most likely be therapy session for you and your model. Talk about whatever it is that you think could get you the real emotions on film. Get acquainted with each other and communicate.



Posers ain’t always welcome!
Even though striking a hot pose can get you some real classy and elegant pictures, but there most certainly isn’t anything cooler than an honest, goofy image. Just laugh like you do, frown like you do and the image would be cheerful.



It comes Naturally
The more you try to make you subject do something, the more in the reverse direction it will go. Keep it true to the mood and emotion to get the best of clicks.



Sunsets. Use ’em.
The orange, yellows and crimson colours are calling out to you. The most picturesque scenes are the ones easily observed during sunsets. With proper settings, you can make your images look amazing with gleaming sunsets.



Vertical Photographs
Full length images bring a feeling of completeness to am image. They give the image a more life like stature and work just right.



Simple Backgrounds
If you want your subject to shine, place them in front of a simple and plain background. Then the funky posture that they strike will be more prominent and interesting. Give your image a cleaner view with a cleaner background.


Look at the Lights
Photography essentially means writing with light, which means you must use it, available or artificial to the best. Experiment with it, work with it and practice with different placements. You can create flares if you think that would complement the image or expose to various degrees. Get creative with you lighting techniques.



No matter how many tips one gives or how many blogs you read, nothing’s going to work unless you get some practice on. If you truly want to pursue your image as a photographer you must take time to compile a proper portfolio and then establishments like Pixelwala will help you get appointments, events and actual work to make a career out of your passion.


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