Portraits of perfection

Humans are by far the best, most responsive, the most intriguing and fulfilling subjects to shoot. after wildlife of course! The possibilities with capturing human portraits seem never ending and the passion always takes a sincere lift after such photo shoots. So then here we are, providing you with some tips and tricks to make this experience of capturing humans at their best and worst. Take a look!



When keeping it formal…
…make sure that you concentrate on the subject’s features and how to make them look appealing. Position the camera to show the subject in the most flattering of ways, with the head tilted slightly upward and the lighting playing with the sharpness of the face. Plain backgrounds make the image look cleaner.



For informal portraits…
…keep it casual and try to go for the natural flow of things. Have the subject do what he or she really enjoys. Give them space to explore whatever it is that they are most at home with.


Then work your composition skills into it! Which brings us to…

Composition and setting
Make the subject the top priority in every way. Blur out the background by playing with the aperture at low numbers (according to the lighting of course). Focus on the subject’s eyes because those are in fact, the mirror to the soul. For clarity of emotions and settings that would be best.



Get comfortable with your subject. Try to talk about their hobbies, passions, fears or any other broad detail that would open them up to you and yet not to make them feel violated. As the true emotions appear the raw attitude will do wonders! If the couple likes gardening well then that’s their haven and your perfect pic!



Yes. You can cheat.
Not cheating as in perspective cheating or in any other technical sense. Cheating is not letting the subject know that you are capturing the image. I know it sounds like human rights violation and stuff but you are going to show it to them later so, never mind that. Its only to make sure that you get some snaps from the subject while he is at his easiest and not bothering to try too hard for the camera.


Experiment for experience
Do not take doing new things lightly, because that’s how you get better. Do all your best with creativity and style to add your personal element to it!


And most importantly…

Have fun!
Make it a heck of an experience for both you and the subject! Make it an experience that ads to your technical, professional and lively side!



Keep finding new ways to make your photography better!





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