Theme it up : Theme parties and photography

What’s the first thing you think about when you get all set to dress it up for any event? The resultant photographs! And it’s not just the dressing up part, but the decorations, the ambience and if there is one…the theme!
So here in this edition, we decided to show you some cool photographs, decorations and party ideas! Let them fun times begin!

The La La Land of colors



The more colorful the theme, the more joyous every stage of the party from prep to fun would be. And specially if kids are involved…ain’t no dark or goth like elements required! But of course if the theme is Harry Potter…

…you gotta go dark!
Now the setup below would totally bring out the wizard in you.


But not always do you need to spend too much! Sometimes witty stuff like below works too!



Yup! This would be a funny party trick and a god way to feel the wits! Lumos!

Fairy princess…in attitude!
Don’t always need the dress! Just a crown made out of paper and the attitude! The little girls should have fun and that is all that would be needed!



Cultures as themes
Nothing, believe me, nothing is better than a party partying it up with a blend of cultures and flavors! Good for fun and photography!


Sometimes, it is only about giving people a few good spots to get their pictures clicked and remember a fun party. There too, homemade materials will be favored most. Creativity will take you a long long way!



Simple props
People don’t always need fancy candles and stuff for good pictures. Sometimes it’s all about the ‘frame’! Because sometimes the theme is just the joy!


See the pictures and the colors? And what’s more is that joy that gleams on those faces! Theme parties may come in all shapes and sizes, but the ultimate aim is always that smile. So the decorations, dresses and smiles are all perfect for photographers all around. Better take notice!

Lens cap off, creativity on!

Happy weekend!


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